Our kitchens are manufactured in our plant in Altenbeken
and are the product of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art
computer controlled machinery.

Your orders are entered in the computer network and
forwarded to production. To ensure a continuous production
process and to minimise material consumption, orders are
gathered and the production process is assisted by computer
planning. Orders for all individual items we do not manufacture
ourselves (e.g. white goods, sinks etc.) are placed with the
corresponding suppliers. Our new sheet partitioning saw
cuts the required parts to millimeter precision. The cabinet
parts are manufactured in a modern CNC controlled production
line. All pre-processed parts are brought to final assembly
and on assembly lines they are then put together to cabinet
elements by qualified employees. The finished units are subject
to a strict quality control before leaving our factory.

If you would like to get more information, please feel free to
visit our large exhibition. Of course we will also show you
around our furniture production so that you can see for yourself
the high quality of our products.

Adenauerstr. 13 | 33184 Altenbeken
Fon: 05255-9328-0 | Fax: 05255-9328-10