Quality is our tradition – We have been producing since 1913

1913 Hermann Christian Müller founded the company as a saw mill. The focus was the production of local wood such as spruce and beech. A few years later the production was expanded to include pegs. These were not only sold in Germany but exported all over Europe. At the beginning of World War II the company employed 34 people in a modern production plant.

The Second World War had almost disrupted the sales of products non-relevant to the war before the company was nearly completely destroyed by bombs. The company founder Hermann Christian Müller died in 1940. After 1945, the company was re-constructed with great efforts and entrepreneurial initiative. The company then focused on the production of windows, doors and furniture parts.

Since the end of the 50s, the company initially produced sink units and for 30 years has been manufacturing built-in kitchens. In the 90s the production halls were expanded substantially and equipped with computer controlled machinery. In 2001 a new exhibition building was built and now more than 80 kitchens and bathrooms are presented in two in-house exhibitions. Particular attention is given to the presentation of sophisticated room solutions which can hardly be found in such abundance in other exhibitions. 

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