müller|Küchen provides a variety of options to create your worktop.
Laminated worktops with a thickness ranging from 2 to 10 cm,
various granite worktops with different edges and surfaces, Corean
worktops, quartz material and ceramic worktops with a minimum
thickness of 1 cm as well as stainless steel worktops.

müller|Küchen has brought to perfection the flush fitting of sinks
and hobs in laminate worktops. Have your sink flush fitted in the
worktop. A laminated worktop is very resistant and creates a cosy
atmosphere. Whether you require a counter, a window sill or a table
matching your worktop – we would be glad to manufacture customised
peripheral parts for your kitchen. 

Ceramic worktops are available from a thickness of 1 cm at
müller|Küchen. Ceramic is an innovative material which is
absolutely scratch-proof and resistant to abrasion. A ceramic
worktop withstands even the greatest stress.

A worktop with a delicate look can skillfully stage bulky base units.
For its entire kitchen range, müller|Küchen offers thin design work-
tops in a thickness from 10 to 20 mm. 
The thin worktops are invisibly
lined with a 19 or 46 mm thick lining plate. The 19 mm thick
reinforcement under the worktop is covered by the excess fronts. Full
stability is maintained despite the light appearance. Due to the invisible
lining all built-in parts can be mounted without problems. You can even
mount a drawer under the hob.

Our natural stone worktops have a thickness from 2 to 10 cm.
müller|Küchen provides natural stone worktops in the following
finishes: polished, satin and brushed. 

Laminated worktops are available in thicknesses from 2 to 10 cm.
Various edge designs are available: straight laminate, post-forming
edge (just 40mm thick), metal edge. Laminate is the perfect material
to design integrated counters and tables matching your kitchen. A
laminate worktop is characterised by a high resistance and pleasing
haptics. Dishes can be placed with low-noise.

A seamless worktop across several corners? No problem with the
müller|Küchen solid surface worktop. All edges of the worktop are
ground without seams and thus are invisible.

A stainless steel worktop is characterised by its timeless and industrial
design, it is plain and food safe. müller|Küchen offers stainless steel
worktops in a wide range of processing finishes: Whether 5 mm solid
(hot rolled) or bevelled up to a thickness of 200 mm folded. Sinks and
hobs can be flush welded.

Worktops or a counter plate made of solid wood? Set special accents
in your kitchen and have a solid wood counter plate planned for your
kitchen. At müller|Küchen worktops and counter plates are available
in many types of wood.

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