Carcase parts with a high panel thickness

All carcase parts, not only the fronts are produced of 19 mm thick panels (instead of 16 mm) with a 2 mm thick carcase front edge. Due to the thickness of the panels, the units have a better stability and the fittings can be mounted easier.

All wall units are inside and outside optionally available in any front colour. The wall units in front colour have a 19 mm thick back wall.

Perfection also on the back wall of the unit. The 19 mm thick back walls (for wall units) can be grooved and screwed upon request.


Wall units are safely mounted by means of metal rails. The suspension bracket is located on the back wall and is not visible inside.

To meet the highest requirements on stability, the carcase parts of our kitchens, also the parts behind the front are produced from 19 mm panels. All back walls are 8mm thick and are grooved and screwed. If requested, the back walls of the wall units can also be delivered with a thickness of 19 mm.

All carcase components are coated on both sides and produced with edges all-round, the front edges are always provided with a 2 mm thick ABS edge ensuring perfect protection against shocks.

müller|Küchen only uses the best fittings. Cabinet carcases come with a 3 mm thick hole line. The discreet positioning of the built-in fittings gives the inside cabinet also a sophisticated look.