The revolutionary material for your kitchen

FENIX kitchens have a particularly matte and easy-care surface. Haptically, the fronts are something very special: The fronts feel softer and warmer than a lacquer – often the comparison is made with velvet. Nevertheless, the fronts are very hard and resistant. Impressive is the resistance to fingerprints – these mostly disappear by themselves or can be wiped away very easily. 

The front is also extremely resistant to other dirt. Small micro scratches can be removed with an iron and temperature. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a radiator sponge. You need much less time to clean than comparable plastic or lacquer fronts! 

The material is also water-repellent and hygienic. Fenix has a high effectiveness against germs and is immune to mold. We carry almost the entire Fenix range and have the latest Fenix samples in stock at our kitchen showroom in Essn. The beautiful, harmonious shades are a real asset to your new kitchen from müller|Küchen.