Perfection since 1913

For over 100 years, we at müller|küchen have been building high-quality, custom-made kitchen furniture. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the world are the best proof for us that the combination of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art, computer-controlled machine technology is a good way to go.

The basis for our success are our employees. Each of our employees has a solid education, is an expert in his or her field and lives our understanding of quality, which is characterized by craftsmanship.

Optimum efficiency

Your orders are entered in the computer network and forwarded to production. To ensure a continuous production process and to minimise material consumption, orders are gathered and the production process is assisted by computer planning. Orders for all individual items we do not manufacture ourselves (e.g. white goods, sinks etc.) are placed with the corresponding suppliers. Our new sheet partitioning saw cuts the required parts to millimeter precision. The cabinet parts are manufactured in a modern CNC controlled production line. All pre-processed parts are brought to final assembly and on assembly lines they are then put together to cabinet elements by qualified employees. The finished units are subject to a strict quality control before leaving our factory.

The benefits of this consistent approach are evident in our immense innovation, efficient production and in the flawless assembly of your kitchen. Through the experience and responsibility for quality, our employees offer a guarantee for an exceptional, high-quality kitchen.

If you are curious now, just come to Altenbeken and have a look at the furniture production by appointment!

In order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency, the standard cabinets are manufactured on a modern machine line. This gives you the advantages of both worlds: Custom production where necessary and high-quality standard production where possible.

A particularly large share in our factory is the special construction. Here realize all kinds of special cabinets or detail work that give your kitchen the typical müller|küchen character.