Pull Outs

High quality pullouts

High-quality pull-out systems – the best on the market – make stowing and removing supplies easier. All drawers have a load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg. The pull-outs can, depending on cabinet width, be loaded with 40 kg or even 70 kg.

Glass Box

In the Scala-Plus-Glass box design version, the drawers have a slender metal frame. Pull-outs are fitted with high-quality smoked glass panels.

Metal Box

The Scala-Plus-Metal box is a high quality metal frame. The pull-out has a frame height of 186 mm and is characterised by its sleek, clean design.

Wood box

In the premium Scala-Plus-Wood version, you can have the side walls of the pull-outs fitted with a finish of your choice. The high-quality side walls shown in the photograph are of gloss macassar ebony wood.

Partitioning systems for pull-outs

The perforated stainless steel plate is supplied with beech wood spacers, enabling you to partition the pull-out in any way you choose, creating individual space for plates.

Opt for the mk box system. The boxes can be positioned and stacked in the pull-out in any way. The boxes are also designed to fit in the pull-out larder unit.

With the mk U-shaped aluminium box, you can partition your pull-out lengthwise, creating ideal space for plates and crockery.

The aluminium system creates space for all types of packaging. Such as spice mixes, sauces and cooking ingredients.