Kitchen fronts

Kitchen fronts with perfection in detail
and innovative materials

The appearance of a perfect kitchen is characterised by clear lines and symmetrically designed fronts throughout. The front partition of the wall units is individually customised at müller|Küchen ensuring an harmonious look. By doing so, all front heights can be arranged.

In the picture shown above (tall units with various appliances, microwave, plate warmer, top built-in dishwasher, oven, fridge/freezer) the front partition and the front heights have been adjusted in such a way that the kitchen shows a straight joint pattern and a clear line. Of course, without a loss of space and without fixed panels. Also for front partitions, müller|Küchen offers flexibility at the highest level. You should not be satisfied with less.

Wood decor or real wood veneered fronts

Perfection to detail. As a rule, our fronts in wood decor or wood veneer have a consistent grain design when arranged one above the other. This calm appearance gives your laminated or wood decor kitchen a high-quality appearance.

Perfect appearance from inside and outside
Our kitchens are also characterised by a perfect appearance behind the front. Upon request, we manufacture the interior of the wall units in any decor.

Scratch-proof fronts
Innovative materials – müller|Küchen brings continuously developed fronts to the market. The scratch-proof fronts shown in the picture are available exclusively at müller|Küchen. Both the fronts and the worktop can be manufactured from the same material without problems.