Design options

Design options at müller|Küchen

Island side-walls excellently manufactured
If requested, müller|Küchen cuts side-walls and fronts to mitre. The side edges of the side-walls and the adjacent fronts both cut at a 45° angle give your kitchen an exclusive look.

Wide pull-outs
Wide pull-outs ranging over several cabinets create a linear design. At müller|Küchen, two pull-out cabinets can be equipped with a seamless front panel, i.e. you can get a pull-out cabinet with a maximum width of 240 cm which appears to be one unit. Same applies to wall-units with flaps and folding flaps.

Appliances presented with an extravagant touch

Presenting appliances with an extravagant touch: The blind panels used are available in various lacquer and laminate colours. The blind panels are variable in width and height and can be manufactured according to individual requirements for all appliances.

Base frame for your cooking island
You want to showcase your cooking island through a floating appearance? At müller|Küchen you can get a base frame with a real stainless steel coating available in different heights and widths. In addition, you can vary the base recess and you can highlight the plinth with a lighting system.

The wall-mounted kitchen

The wall-mounted kitchen: A variety of different base unit models are available for wall-mounted versions. With a müller|Küche kitchen there are no limits to your planning creativity.

Grain pattern at customer’s option
At müller|Küchen the grain direction can be freely chosen. Horizontally designed veneers in the front of the wall units create an exclusive look.

Flexible front partitions
Flexible front partitions ensure a calm design. With tall units, the front partitions are adjusted to the different heights of the appliances creating a calm joint pattern. A height adjustment with panels is not required because each front height is individually adapted.